At the moment, Triple Integrity Sp. z o.o. operates on the territory of the Republic of Poland, but plans to enter the service markets of Austria, Germany, and other EU countries. When providing services by company representatives in the countries listed above, the company will be registered with the tax authorities of the respective countries, with the update of information on this site. The following necessary information is currently available on the site, in particular:


Terms of Service

§ 1. The following Terms and Conditions apply to all current and future services provided by Triple Integrity Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter – the Company), unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing or required by law. We do not recognize the terms of the Client or third parties that contradict our terms and do not agree with our terms if we have not expressly agreed to their terms in written form.

§ 2. Prices are set by the Company’s price lists in force on the date of invoicing. VAT is not included in our prices, but reported separately in the Proforma Invoice (Bill) in the amount provided by law and calculated separately. The Company’s Invoice is valid provided that it is paid by the Customer during the Invoice validity period (the Invoice validity period is indicated on the Invoice). Unless otherwise specified in the order confirmation, the Invoice must be paid in full before the Company renders the service ordered. Discounts for earlier booking with full payment are agreed upon separately. Payments are made exclusively to the bank accounts indicated by the Company in the Invoice, in the specified currency, indicating the Invoice number. Payments must be made in full, without any deductions. Payment (including 100% advance payment) is considered received only on the day when the Customer’s payment is available to the Company without restrictions. Payment (including 100% advance payment) is non-refundable, unless otherwise stated directly and in writing upon confirmation of the order. Refunds are not made for the services provided.

§ 3. The amount of work required to complete the order must be agreed upon at registration of the order. The dates and terms of the services provided by the Company become relevant only after clarification of all technical issues and receipt of all necessary information and advance payments from the Customer.

§ 4. If the execution of the order has to be postponed due to events that could not be avoided with due care, such as natural disasters, strikes, breakdowns, road accidents, fires, floods, natural disasters and their consequences, the service delivery time will be adjusted (extended) in accordance with the duration of the event and the corresponding period for recovery. This also applies in case of illness of a Company representative responsible for order fulfillment (service delivery). Should such events arise, we undertake to immediately notify the Customer of the occurrence, predicting the potential delay that it will cause.

§ 5. The Company has the right to store and process personal data received in connection with the Customer’s request, and/or in connection with the business relations with the Customer or third parties.

§ 6. At registration of the order, the Customer agrees to these Terms of Service, and also undertakes to sign ‘Permission for handling and storing personal information’ as well as a ‘Waiver of Claims’, submitted to the Customer by the Company upon agreement of the order. If the Customer refuses to sign the documents specified in this paragraph before service delivery, the service is not provided, and the advance payment is not refundable.

§ 7. Our liability is excluded, provided that the damage is not caused by malice or negligence, or the damage is not related to willful violation of material contractual obligations. The above limitations of liability do not apply to cases of mandatory liability under the law.

§ 8. An agreed order is not subject to adjustment by the Customer. The Customer can cancel the order only for a good reason, in writing. At the same time, the Company is entitled to compensation for loss of profit in the amount of the order price.

§ 9. The law of the Republic of Poland applies to contracts and relationships between the Company and the Customer except for the international law. Warsaw, the Republic of Poland, is the place of jurisdiction for any legal dispute. However, the Company has the right to file a claim against the Customer in any other jurisdiction.