Terms and Payment

All services are provided by the legal entity Triple Integrity Sp. z o.o., the details and contact information are available in the site’s contacts section. We charge 100% advance payment in stages for our services – first we explain what services will be provided, then we receive payment and provide the services. It is the same way with every service, step by step.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse to train or provide services without explanation. In this case, we will refund the full advance payment received so far.

The main language of the project is English, so pay attention to the language of a specific Academy, or the languages available for communication during the provision of individual services.

Before we accept the payment, you will be additionally recalled the terms of cooperation (described on the site in subsections to the ‘PAYMENTS & RULES’ section), and the further payment for our services will be an additional confirmation of your agreement with our terms of service.

Since by making payment you confirm your agreement with our terms of service, and the advance payment may not be refunded (apart from a number of explicitly described exceptions and conditions), please carefully study the information provided in the relevant subsections:

Booking conditions


Refund policy

General conditions

Legal Notice