Individual Work on Spiritual Development and Enlightenment

Individual work is the most effective way to achieve the desired result, since among other things it enables you to pay maximum attention to all the details.

If desired and necessary, during a personal meeting there will be time and opportunity to perform general diagnostics that will show the condition of your subtle bodies, the size of the biofield, the openness of your chakras, the presence or absence of negative outside influences, the condition of the internal organs etheric projection, the fateful choices that lie ahead of you and your life script in general, the lessons you will have to learn, and the purpose and mission of the Creator’s spark incarnated within you. If you are ready to rethink your priorities and goals, the next step may be the work on an individual development program, which may precipitate changes at the physical and soul level, at working with the Spirit and spiritualizing – or achieving your other goals.

Almost always after general diagnostics and further work on the development program, it turns out that the actions you have been planning to take in the near or distant future should be substantially changed, supplemented, or completely replaced. Also, the actions may be required not only by you or aimed at you – often it becomes apparent that your close relatives need diagnostics, assistance, life script correction, etc., possibly being under external energoinformational influence. If this is your first-degree relative, then at your request and after receiving the consent of that person’s Spirit, diagnostics and other operations may be performed. Also, at the request of parents, it is possible to compile a personalized program for their child, which will identify priorities in creative activity, study, sports, foreign languages, the best options for a future career, and much more. Such preparation of an individual profile is also available for adults. We can also help choosing a name for a newborn child, offering options from an international or ethnic list of names. Choosing a name lets the spark of the Creator that has consciously incarnated in your child realize its full potential. But you can go even further and identify the actions and practices that will help you raise the most Spiritually developed and strong child. It is difficult for enlightened souls to find parents who can guide them into the world, who have enough light and power within them to conceive, carry, give birth, and raise a child, help it fulfill its mission thus minimizing the risks of living through yet another incarnation meaninglessly, providing the child with the necessary amount of bright vibrations all this time.

Combining all of the above, we can maximize the possibility of realizing our respective missions for these particular incarnations both for ourselves and our children.

At the same time, one must not forget about the need to earn one’s living and development and one’s children and families. Business advice can help, but not at the level of mundane vibrations (hopes for lottery prize or casino jackpot, the stock market, the exchange rate, the rise in property prices, treasure hunt, etc.), but at the level of evaluating the relevance of your development program and the development of your business, of perceiving vibration flows responsible for the available range of your alternative actions, etc. In addition, to some extent, the energy of Reiki, and to a large extent the Egregor-based practice, make it easier to materialize your intention, or to make your wish come true, to put it plainly, but not ‘on its own’, like in a fairy tale – rather as help and support of your own effort towards the result. During special sessions for activating desire fulfillment via Egregor-based practice, we will fill your intentions with subtle vibrations and give them enough power to materialize, as well as to increase the likelihood of your desired scenario unfolding.

In addition, there is often a need to evaluate objects and their energoinformational impact on us. Items given by others or those that have already been used by others may have destructive vibrations that adversely affect health and fate or completely block your opportunities. There are situations where a seemingly ordinary object is inhabited by a presence or being – or even several – that live parasitically and constantly attack, causing significant harm to a person. This negative energoinformational force can be eliminated by cleansing objects with the energy of Reiki; in complex cases, it is more effective to use cleansing, charging, or blessing procedures with the energy of Vibration Frequencies.

The existence of geopathogenic zones and their significant impact on human health also deserves a mention. Geopathogenic zones are faults in the earth’s crust, underground streams or accumulations of negative energy, manifested in narrow-focused horizontal negative emanation. These zones often crop up under the places where people sleep, play, or work, sometimes having profound negative effects on family, career, and health – for instance, causing a disease or exacerbating other problems in a matter of months. For this reason, diagnostics of premises and living and working areas is very popular and highly efficient. Premises may have both accumulations of negative energy in different quantities and astral entities that may have nothing good in store for the residents. After the diagnostics of premises or territory, depending on the situation, the most effective method of cleansing will be proposed – at the very least, a one-time express cleansing of the premises by Vibration Frequencies. More extreme contamination without geopathogenic zones can be eliminated with a three-day cleansing using the energy of Reiki. In the presence of geopathogenic zones in your key locations, or the presence of entities, a three-day cleansing of the premises using Vibration Frequencies, including blocking of the geopathogenic zones and the removal or destruction of entities, is absolutely necessary. Since the procedure of blocking the geopathogenic zones is accompanied by the placement of special blockers charged with required vibrations and energies on the floor, this procedure is best performed during the construction or  renovation of a building or premises. Alternatively, be prepared to the fact that you will have small blockers on the floor, which can be damaged mechanically and thus out of service. For this reason, it is desirable to protect them with some kind of cover such as a carpet.

All these services are performed on site. In exceptional cases, it is possible to remotely check whether any location has a geopathogenic zone, but this is not nearly as efficient as complex diagnostics of premises or area that can only be carried out on site. In addition, in order to block geopathogenic zones, expel or destroy the entities that feed on your energy, depriving them of vital forces, and cleanse the premises, getting rid of negative energy accumulations, you will still need to invite a master, since performing these procedures remotely at a sufficient level is, unfortunately, impossible. You can also undertake training for independent work, however, note that after the training, you will still need a certain amount of time for practicing and mastering this skill before you can actually get to work.

Inside a cleansed building, additional steps may be taken in order to harmonize the space – such as blessing of rooms with the vibrations of the lower Divine World, which in most cases greatly exceeds the capabilities of a priest, but has a beneficial effect and provides some kind of protection in the future. It is more effective than amulets and talismans, adherence to folk traditions, practices of Feng Shui or its Hindu counterpart Vastu.

Individual work and counseling are also particularly effective during initiations and training. For example, if you wish to undergo initiation into the Western style Reiki, you can take advantage of any of the three options – attend group or individual sessions, or choose distance training. At the same time, in case of individual training, it might, for example, turn out that your workplace is located on top of a geopathogenic zone, and that you need to move your chair aside to stop the flow of personal problems. Or, for example, it turns out that there are energoinformational disturbances that prevent normal circulation of energy. Then, after you receive a series of sessions with Vibration Frequencies or Reiki that will correct and harmonize your biofield prior to the initiation, your initiation into Reiki will be much more effective, and you will be able to work with a greater flow of Reiki, showing faster and easier progress, etc.

At the same time, if you have figured out exactly what you need, what choices you have, what energoinformational or mental problems you would like to solve, what spiritual goals to achieve using which methods – or if your set of intentions and plans is fairly general and standard, then group training during one of the Triple Integrity Academies or distance learning might be more preferable to you.

Then again, we would like to remind you that we are always glad to hear from you and will be able to answer your questions during a preliminary consultation. For example, you can undergo the initiation into the Master or Magister of Vibration Frequencies within three days during a Triple Integrity Academy convenient for you, or remotely. This ritual involves the action of Higher Powers called upon by the Progressor, including by means of symbols and numerous candles. Both during a remote initiation and an Academy event initiation, remote placement of symbols and candles is used, since it is difficult to expect the use of hundreds of open fire sources in a modern conference room or hall. The initiation with remotely burning candles is guaranteed to be effective, and you will become a Master or Magister – but in any case, the maximum flow of vibrations can be achieved during a individual initiation at the source of the Higher Powers (symbols and candles) vibrations. So if you wish to work with the maximum possible energy flow and minimal further work, then – provided you have the opportunity – it is better to spend additional funds and time on an individual visit to the master for obtaining more effective and energoinformationally rich initiations. To support you in this endeavor, we will take into account your total cost of individually received services and invite you to take advantage of our cumulative discount system.

Or you might want to be initiated into the Reiki Master or Grand-Master during a Triple Integrity Academy event convenient for you. You will successfully pass such initiation if you have received both Reiki I and Reiki II initiations from us.  However, if you have a poor energoinformational condition, some negative issues, or insufficient amount of practice lowering your performance, then with an individual or remote initiation you will find the time to put things in order first, thus minimizing your further efforts with the channel and symbols work. This is as opposed to being under time pressure during the Academy, where with precise schedule on certain days of the Academy (including the day before and the day after the Academy), there will be no opportunity to shuffle time around, and the initiation will be made as is, likely resulting in your problem zones additionally pumped up with energy to achieve the desired result, but also additional tasks for further development and practice.

To reiterate the warning made on the Academy page – after studying the standard Academy schedule and our individual training offer, you will see that it is technically possible to receive several initiations into Reiki over a short time, or to receive a number of initiations into the channels of Vibration Frequencies. In fact, even doing both simultaneously will not be difficult. However, each initiation should be accompanied with weeks of preliminary work followed by months or even years of subsequent practice. During this long-term practice, you will transform yourself, or rather work on your self-improvement and development. These practices will help you as a guide, protection, and nourishment. We suggest that you do not deprive yourself of the planned and conscious transformation, of the simultaneous development of your energy centers and channels, and the awareness increase – do not seek to get everything at once. In the worst case, of course, provided that you have received initiations from the Master who channels the necessary spectrum of vibrations, you will simply not find the time even for improving your skills immediately after the initiation, abandoning practices and wasting time and the opportunities you paid for.

So if you are receiving Reiki, go for mastering the Reiki I and II. Better yet, get Reiki I, then improve your skills, then practice with other people, and only then, after perhaps half a year or more, get Reiki II. The same goes for Reiki Master and Reiki Grand-Master, as well as or the Vibration Frequencies. You should not immediately receive all 42 channels of the Buddhist and Magical sets. Just receive several channels individually, or a dozen at the Academy, work them out, practice, and then move on. For the same reason, it is not advisable to simultaneously undergo initiations into Reiki and Vibration Frequencies. Of course, high level of personal development, awareness, experience of energoinformational practices, strict discipline, the presence of real foundations for a quick and hard transformative leap, and the availability of sufficient time for subsequent work allow to master the practices more intensively. But is not an easy task.

In any case, it is completely up to you. Take a good look at what we offer, study the list of individual and group services and prices, and discuss with us the options that might be more preferable for you. Our task is to make you succeed in your training regardless of the chosen path.

Before the start of training or using other our services, you will be asked to sign a Permission for handling and storing personal information as well as a Liability Waiver.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse to provide training or services without explanation. In this case, we will refund the full amount of the advance payment received.

The list and cost of individual and distance training and services