Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out more about the practices and methodology offered?

You can read the book, the materials provided on the website, and the description of the Academy, as well as use the feedback form to get a brief preliminary consultation.

How do I master energoinformational practices with minimal financial costs?

For practices taught in group format, choose the Academy event in a location or at a time convenient for you. Use early reservation option with a 100% payment to receive a 15% discount. For services provided on an individual basis, consider receiving some of the training and other services remotely.

Is it possible to get assistance on a concessional basis or free of charge?

From time to time, we provide services on a concessional basis at our headquarters location. Usually this involves several sessions and the required related services, without initiations. With a minimum payment or free of charge, depending on your situation, recording the results and your feedback and retaining the right for Triple Integrity to publish them on our social media pages and use for advertising purposes. Subscribe to our social media pages and receive updates on such events, or send us a request.

What time and effort is required for Spiritual development practices?

The issue is not so much in the practices as in your objectives, the energoinformational form you currently have, and the effectiveness of your internal work. You might, for example, practice continuously, including in the background while busy with everyday activities, or you might practice just enough to keep yourself in shape and achieve consciously set long-term goals. Have a program of practices and objectives selected personally for you by taking advantage of individual program creation. Read more about this in Individual sessions and List of services sections.

Is it possible to access the services of a clairvoyant, a magician, to get cleansed from a bad spell or a curse, a bewitchment or a hex?

Our goal is to assist people in spiritual development. To this end, within the framework of the Triple Integrity methodology, we work on all three levels – body, soul, and Spirit, using the synergy effect and the whole being of the person as well as the body of the methodology developed. As part of these goals, working with the entire spectrum of vibrations, we can help get rid of physical problems, eliminate negative energoinformational effects, and much more. At the same time, most problems that you have accumulated are likely to be initiated for your benefit, either as a karmic work-off task or as a guide to direct you to the path of development. For this reason, while we can provide such services with very effective results, we do so on rare occasions and with discretion, most often within the framework of an integrated effort aimed at energoinformational development.