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Reception at the TRIPLE INTEGRITY office

The Triple Integrity Academy consists of periodic five-day seminars, usually held Wednesday to Sunday. A module-based set of seminars that make up the Academy enables participants to choose only those group sessions and initiations of interest. The modules and sub-modules are as follows:

  • Module: Reiki I & II, initiation to Western style Reiki, five consecutive days, morning.
    • Sub-module: Reiki I, four consecutive days, morning.
    • Sub-module: Reiki II, initiation to Reiki symbols 1, 2, and 3, two consecutive days, morning. Prerequisite: Participant must conduct Reiki energy with sufficiently pure and bright vibrations, or have a Reiki I certificate from the Triple Integrity Academy.
  • Module: Three lectures on human being and the universe, three consecutive days, mid-afternoon. Participants who pay for any entire module (not sub-module) qualify for a discount when attending these lectures.
  • Module: Vibration Frequencies (Cosmoenergy) I, four consecutive days, afternoon. Initiation to the 42 channels of the Buddhist and Magical sets.
    • Sub-module: Vibration Frequencies I, day 1 of the Academy, initiation into 10 channels of the Buddhist and Magical sets: Farun-Buddha, Firast, Mama, Hutta, Midi, Hektas, Sutra-Karma, Kryon, Holy Buddha, Renalti.
    • Sub-module: Vibration Frequencies I, day 2 of the Academy, initiation into 10 channels of the Buddhist and Magical sets: Shaon, First Magical, Holy Jesus, Golden Pyramid, Gilius, Suriy-Sunlay, Anael, Channel for Objects Blessing, Zeus, Bon.
    • Sub-module: Vibration Frequencies I, day 3 of the Academy, initiation into 11 channels of the Buddhist and Magical sets: Holy Moses, Sinlah, Ninalis, Agni, Hum, Agni-Hum, Ural, Raun, Tor, Lugra, Luli.
    • Sub-module: Vibration Frequencies I, day 4 of the Academy, initiation into 11 channels of the Buddhist and Magical Blocs: Saint Muhammad, Risur, Sinrah, Tata, Ranul, Moonlight, Farun, Do, Titan, Kurf, Hecate.
  • Module: Vibration Frequencies (Cosmoenergy) II, two consecutive days, afternoon. Initiations to 25 channels of the Master’s set. Prerequisite: Participant must successfully work with Vibration Frequencies, pure and bright vibrations, already being a Master of Vibration Frequencies, or have a certificate of Vibration Frequencies I from the Triple Integrity Academy.
    • Sub-module: Vibration Frequencies II, day 4 of the Academy, initiation into 12 channels of the Master’s set: Assa, Glaikh, Shiva, Tu, Ukko, Aiske, Pan, Phantom Operations Channel, Nally, Distah, Takkeh, Pirva.
    • Sub-module: Vibration Frequencies II, day 5 of the Academy, initiation into 13 channels of the Master’s set: Miluti, Sirius, Lei-Hun, Indra, Parjanya, Perun, Astral Powder, Mekhtabu, Dhanvantari, Ulgen, Vodou, Nirvana, Toka-Ton.

The participant may choose modules, sub-modules, or their combinations, taking into account the restrictions and recommendations given for these modules. The general prerequisite for participating in the Academy in order to be successful in your practices is to have no addiction to alcohol, drugs, and medications and have no severe or chronic physical illnesses or mental disorders.

Upon completion of each initiation, the participant will be granted a certificate in English. Certificates confirming initiations to the channels of Vibration Frequencies contain a list of the channels mastered. Thus, for example, you may attend one of the four days of Vibration Frequencies I during one Academy term, and later, after practicing the received channels, attend other days of Vibration Frequencies I during another Academy. You can study Reiki abilities and the description of the principles of Vibration Frequencies in order to determine which field suits your interests the most and which stages of initiation it requires.

After studying these materials carefully, you may notice that theoretically you can receive initiations into Reiki Master over one Academy course: Four initiations into Reiki I during day 1-4 of the Academy, three initiations into Reiki II on day 4-5 of the Academy, and initiations into Master and Grand-Master in the evening of day 5 or day 6 (after the Academy). But in practice, there are no individuals so enlightened and mature in terms of energoinformation as to be able to follow such a short route. We recommend to get Reiki I, and attend another Academy to get Reiki II after six or more months of practice, and so on. We provide the opportunity to simultaneously receive Reiki I & II over the course of one Academy – but while doing so in response to the current market trends, we do not recommend this option. It is much more effective and reliable to accomplish a thorough cleansing and co-tuning process and to learn channeling Reiki to yourself and others upon receiving Reiki I than to get Reiki II right away and immediately try channeling it through symbols while still mastering the skill of coming into contact with this energy.

The same goes for Vibration Frequencies. One should not receive all channels of the Buddhist, Magical, and Master’s sets at once. After all, you will still have to master most of the received channels later by practicing every day for the duration of anywhere from a few weeks to three months. It is safer to get the initiations of the first or the first two days of the Academy and master all the received channels so as to receive the next portion at the next Academy. After receiving and mastering all the channels of the Buddhist and Magical sets (Vibrational Frequencies I), go for a three-day individual initiation into the Master of Vibration Frequencies. And then, during other Academies, gain the channels of the Master’s set, after mastering which you can pass an individual three-day initiation into the Magister of Vibration Frequencies.

For details on Academy sessions, please refer to the Services and prices pages: The upper table shows information related to group training and services, and the table below shows information related to individual services. Thus, you can receive individual initiations into Reiki Master (one to three meetings 150-210 minutes each), Reiki Grand-Master (one to three meetings 150-210 minutes each), Master of Vibration Frequencies (three daily sessions 150-210 minutes each), Magister of Vibration Frequencies (three daily sessions 150-210 minutes each), Master of Egregor-based practice (three daily sessions 150-210 minutes each) during an Academy term. Usually, the day before the Academy, early morning and late evening on the day of Academy, and the day after the Academy (subject to early booking) are reserved just for such personalized initiations as well as for other individual services (see the full list on the sub-pages of the respective Academies). Make reservations for individual initiations and discuss details in advance: If you have received your initiations from other mentors, and it turns out that you do not channel the required range of vibrations, it will not be possible to conduct initiations. Outside our periodic Academy terms, you can use our services remotely or at our company headquarters.

We suggest that you take a good look at our individual work page before making a decision to participate in the Academy, since you might want to book a range of individual services provided by a master during the Academy, such as general diagnostics that will reveal the condition of your subtle bodies, the size of the biofield, the degree of openness of your chakras, the presence or absence of negative influence from outside, the state of the internal organs etheric projection. They will help you learn your life script, as well as the possibilities and fateful choices lying ahead of you. Another example of such services is the development of an individual program that will promote positive changes at the level of the body and soul, work with the Spirit, and spiritualizing – or help achieve other goals not contrary to the mission of your Spirit. Also, at the request of parents, an individual chart for a child or teenager can be complied that will indicate major gifts and inclinations, priorities in creative activity, study, sports, foreign languages, best options for a future career, and much more. We can also help choosing a name for a newborn child, offering options from an international or ethnic list of names. Choosing a name lets the spark of the Creator that has consciously incarnated in your child realize its full potential. But you can go even further and identify the actions and practices that will help you raise the most Spiritually developed and strong child. It is difficult for enlightened souls to find parents who can guide them into the world, who have enough light and power within them to conceive, carry, give birth, and raise a child, help it fulfill its mission thus minimizing the risks of living through yet another incarnation meaninglessly, providing the child with the necessary amount of bright vibrations all this time. Combining all of the above, we can maximize the possibility of realizing our respective missions for these particular incarnations both for ourselves and our children. Finally, if you need to survey or purify premises, territories, or various facilities located in the city or vicinity of the Academy, then of course it would make more sense to invite a master who is already here to conduct the Academy to resolve these issues for you than to make do without diagnostics and protection or go to the trouble of inviting a master to your location later, at a much greater cost and often having a neglected situation on hands.

During registration, before the beginning of the training, you will need to verify your identity with a photo ID and sign a Permission for handling and storing personal information as well as a Liability Waiver.

In addition, please note that we reserve the right to refuse to teach or provide services without explanation. In this case, we will refund the full amount of the advance payment received so far.

Based on our experience, 75% of students will find this advice useful:

  • Find out what is Reiki and Vibration Frequencies, how they work and what they do, and decide on what you would like to learn.
  • Prior to initiation into Reiki, it may be useful to go through several Vibration Frequencies sessions to cleanse your energoinformational structure.
  • Prior to initiation into Reiki, it is useful to attend some Reiki sessions, especially a series of 4 sessions, for a better acquaintance with this energy and for preparing your body.
  • It is recommended to become a Reiki Master prior to becoming a Master of Vibration Frequencies.
  • It is recommended to become a Reiki Grand-Master prior to becoming a Magister of Vibration Frequencies.
  • It is recommended to become a Magister of Vibration Frequencies prior to becoming a Master of Egregor-based practice.

These are only suggestions; following them is not mandatory but often useful and may increase the effectiveness of initiation and other practices. This pattern was discovered and derived after numerous experiences of compiling individual programs and a deeper acquaintance with the energies of these practices and their interactions with one another.

You can make a reservation for participation in the Academy of interest from the following list:

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