TRIPLE INTEGRITY is a flexible methodology of spiritual development that enables the practitioner to effectively progress towards Enlightenment along an individually chosen path. Essentially, it amounts to the creation of the Blue Ocean in one’s spiritual development: a development program that is custom-tailored and, therefore, most effective for a particular individual. This is a real opportunity for Spiritual Development and Enlightenment that seekers normally pursue for long decades – and even more often from one lifetime to another – but rarely attain. This rare opportunity is provided at an affordable cost thanks to the international TRIPLE INTEGRITY Academy crash-course. The fact that the services are provided on an individual basis accounts for the flexibility and adaptability of this breakthrough methodology.

The methodology of TRIPLE INTEGRITY is based on certain experience in energoinformational practices and their combinations, first at the level of a student or a patient, then at the level of a successful practitioner, and finally at the level of a Mentor, providing necessary support throughout these three stages of search and development, and combining sensation, mental effort, and transcendental experience. It is targeted work with the body, soul, and Spirit aimed to help overcome passions and mundane vibrations, to develop soul life and Spirituality, to permeate the soul and body with the Creator’s vibrations, channel the Creator’s will and light into the world, and fulfill one’s personal mission in development, as predetermined by one’s own Spirit. The process brings results with the help of the Triple Integrity methodology and its synergistic effect – mutually supportive development of the body, soul, and Spirit, additionally enhanced by daily practices and their sequence – as well as its integrative effect, which, with all the richness of the modern meaning of this concept, signifies a holistic approach that simultaneously takes into account all micro-components of the development system.

The range of practices and techniques that can help you achieve the desired is extremely wide. If you are a follower of one of the world’s religions, and it is important for you to remain one, you will be able to feel the vibrations of the Creator and move towards God within your chosen confession, practicing prayers, mantras, and other religious rituals with a higher degree of effectiveness. If you are not committed to any religion and egregor, you can follow the path of transparency. And if you are ready to take the most effective and diverse way – your own way – then your personalized program may include physical practices, manual therapy, vegetarian or vegan diet with periods of therapeutic fasting for physical healing and Enlightenment, Reiki, Vibration Frequencies, Egregor-based practice of desire fulfillment, yoga (as an energoinformational practice), lithotherapy and aromatherapy, meditation, mental graphics, singing bowls, and much more.

If you do not strive for Enlightenment, but simply would like to improve a particular side of your life (boost your body function, get rid of mental problems, build a relationship, improve your financial well-being, shake off the influence of others or an old life script, get in touch with true magic or protect yourself from it), you will also be able to learn a whole lot of necessary, useful, and interesting things.

It is a good idea to start with browsing through the website of the Triple Integrity methodology’s author in order to better understand the capabilities and the level of the mentor in general and this methodology in particular. Through the website, you will be able to receive coaching or other services provided by the author of the methodology, individually or within a group: all services are provided by the Triple Integrity company at regional Academies and individual meetings, as well as via distance learning.